Alpha Maschio is our Bad Boy formula for men that love women: This “Alpha Male” human pheromone formula contains a specific pheromone profile that gives off a chemical message to women that you are sexually superior. Very physical, and very hot!

Alpha Dream

Alpha Dream is a small pheromone niche company that strives to do things the old world way. Like artisans, all of our products are handmade one at a time in small batches. Like the making of wine or fine Italian cars, we believe quality comes from attention to detail one product at a time. We have been manufacturing pheromone chemicals since 2005 having served some 40 companies with high quality human pheromone chemicals. We have patents pending on 4 human pheromone compounds. Despite our profit potential we will always remain a family style company, where customer service and exclusive high quality products remain our cornerstones. read more